Current COVID Update

Updated Fall 2021

We have taken every step in order to follow all health restrictions and guidelines put forth by EPCHD, CDC, Governor Polis, Mayor Suthers, etc.



SDW Dance-In-Person Plan
  • We are leaving it up to families to personally decide whether or not their children have to wear a mask
  • No separate dressing rooms are available at this time, but dancers can change in a bathroom if needed
  • No spectators in the building at all. We have a our CCTV app where you can watch on a very nice high def 4k camera. It is a secure system that we individually grant access to individual accounts.
  • Dancers age kindergarten and below can have 1 parent drop them off and pick them up in the building. All dancers 1st grade and older should be dropped at the front door.
  • Please send water bottle with your dancer
  • There is hand sanitizer in every dance room, every bathroom, and every common space.
  • We do a full sanitation of the building every single evening and a fog disinfectant spray in-between class cohorts throughout the evening
  • We follow all state mandates that are set forth
  • We have specific social distancing class maximums still in effect in order to make sure an easy transition back to virtual or capacity restrictions if needed